Eventide over Bonane

Forgive me, this is not really a Blog Post. I drove home to Bonane from Bantry late this evening via the Priest’s Leap road and was treated to a most beautiful sunset over the Bonane valley. I stopped the car and took a few snaps, two of which I want to share with you here.

Sunset over the Bonane mountains, as seen from the Priest's Leap road.
Sunset over the Bonane valley, as seen from the Leap road.

I mean, seriously: Tourists are paying good money for what we can enjoy right on our door steps. We are so lucky!

Sunset over the Bonane valley
Sunset over the Bonane valley.


  • Elaine Palmer

    It was that beautiful sunset on the cover of the Kenmare News that enticed me to read your article on page 28! I agree, we are surrounded by the most breathtaking scenery everyday of our lives, we are so blessed. I suppose with the hurly burly of modern life we become somewhat immune to the beauty. We need to leave home for a week to reset our values.

    It’s much like good health and winning All Ireland’s we need to lose it for a while to truly see what we have. Once again we appreciate it … and sometime later we take it for granted!

    PS great website as far as I’m concerned you can never have enough websites about Bonane!

    • Heike O'S

      Thanks a lot for your lovely comments, Elaine. I hope we might get to enjoy another few such sunsets before our winter starts.

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