About me

A city-reared blow-in from the Continent, I moved to Bonane near Kenmare in the glorious Kingdom of Kerry, Ireland, in 1995. The following years were spent learning where our hot water comes from, why Ireland is so green, how to understand the Kerry slang, who actually does still dance at Irish crossroads, and when to head for Croke Park.

This website attempts to showcase Bonane to everyone who might take an interest. Perhaps you’ve never heard of Bonane but get curious and visit; perhaps you’ve been raised here but moved away; perhaps you, too, have blown-in and would like to know more; or perhaps you’ve passed through Bonane and never stopped before but might do so now.

I hope my website will inform and enlighten, raise interest or perhaps the odd eyebrow, get people talking and – most important of all – come and have a look… at Bonane.